DIRTdoors is an interactive installation focusing on our relationships with the local landscape. Visitors are invited to open doors into the ground and spend time with the billions of living organisms underfoot.


The main site was an area of forest flood plain that connected the biodiverse Nyquist-Harcourt Wildlife Sanctuary with the Gardens for Nutrition: affordable, organic community gardens where tools, compost and knowledge are shared. Several more doors were spread out along the sanctuary paths. During the installation time several DIRT Dialogues took place - organized times for tea and conversation about contemporary food and land practices. 

This installation was made with the Dorsky Museum for Rooted: Art + Land, a collaboration between the Dorsky Museum, Walkill Valley Land Trust, Women's Studio Workshop and Cronin Gallery for Upstate Art Weekend 2021, and was made possible with a grant from Women's Studio Workshop. 


Site flooding after Hurricane Ida. Nutrients from the river fertilized the land; community gardens were temporarily disrupted, with extensive crop losses.