Systems Complex, 2018 - ongoing & Anthropocenia, 2019 - ongoing

A series of ghost monotypes on Asian papers, these prints collide the intense mechanical violence of the etching press with delicate, unique sheets of artisanal paper, creating unique, interdependent chance systems within geometric constraints.


In the Systems Complex series, a whole, flat sheet of kozo paper bears the negative imprint of its crushed double. The complex forms, recalling both human trash and interdependent ecologies, are offset by the basic geometric signals of human unilateral 'progress'.

With a centuries-old aesthetic, the system and negative ghost impression for the Anthropocenia series are made from pieces of discarded plastic trash bags, the same dimensions as the paper.


Systems Complex i, Monotype on kozo, 2018


Systems Complex ii, Monotype on kozo, 2018


Systems Complex iii, Monotype on kozo, 2018

Anthropocenia I.jpg

Anthropocenia i, Monotype on kozo, 2019

Systems Complex iii, Monotype on kozo, 2018

Anthropocenia III.jpg

Anthropocenia ii, Monotype on kozo, 2019

Anthropocenia IV.jpg

Anthropocenia iv, Monotype on kozo, 2019